A rod seal guarantees the external impermeability of the system. The main sealing effect is due to the dynamic interior of the seal. This seals tightly in the area of the piston rod and enables a build-up of pressure when the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder retracts. No dual-action hydraulic or pneumatic system would work without a rod seal (exception: systems with seal wipers).

The rod seal has a very great impact on the function and lifespan of the cylinder and other devices used in the hydraulics or pneumatics sector. When this seal is not working, there is also no mechanical movement during the return lift of the cylinder or the medium also leaks out of the system.

Factors when selecting a rod seal

  • Spatial requirements in the construction sector
  • Area of application of the system
  • Maximum sliding velocity
  • Exact specification of the metallic gap dimensions
  • Maximum pressure load
  • Open or closed installation area
  • Min./max. temperature
  • Exact specification of medium (important for selection of material)