Development of Plastoseal

Plastoseal Produktions GmbH was established in February 2005. From the outset, its mission was ‘for the client to be the focus and to make the impossible possible’. At the time, the owner had nearly 15 years of experience at the forefront of the field of sealing and plastic technology in various companies.

After an extremely short start-up phase (the whereabouts remains a closely guarded secret) the company moved into the newly constructed premises in the Leoben business centre with an area of approx. 250m2 in November 2005. However, it quickly became clear that the space would not be adequate for very long as originally planned. In winter 2006 it was decided to develop an oversize special lathe based on a carousel for the production of seals and special components in conjunction with a reputable machine manufacturer from the sealing branch. This prototype machine was commissioned on our premises in May 2007 and we were thus the world’s first small business in this branch capable of producing oversized seals made of elastic and plastic materials in an extremely short time and of delivering these within a few hours of the customer’s order where necessary.

This opened up the global market for the Plastoseal brand and it was therefore not surprising that the company premises needed to be extended to 370m2 as early as spring 2008. At this time, 3 production machines were already working flat out at Plastoseal. However, the year 2009 (global economic crisis) did not pass us by without leaving its mark. However, it was precisely at this time that our exceptional know-how in conjunction with our great production possibilities for a flexible small company set us apart and distinguished us from the rest of the branch. Neither did we place our head in the sand, but according to the motto ‘Attack is the best defence’ we reinforced our presence on the national and international market and thus found important cooperation and system partners for the future.

With only a small setback in 2008 as TEAM-PLASTOSEAL we also survived the crisis year of 2009 together without noteworthy damage. In 2010 and also in further consequence in 2011 we then enjoyed the fruits of our intensive labours and it soon became clear that we needed to further invest in what we believed to be future-orientated production techniques. In November 2011 we then replaced one of our production machines with a new state-of-the-art machine system with additional components (actuated tools). It then also became possible to quickly and flexibly manufacture complex combined turned-milled components and also special seals which could be executed with pressure-relieving notches for example in one set-up.

This received an enthusiastic welcome from our customers and it thus quickly became clear that we were running out of space in the factory area. To be honest, we also had some good fortune at this time because at the beginning of 2012 we had an opportunity to acquire the perfect company site very nearby which had been on our wish list for a long time. After a short period of reflection, things got underway to ensure we were able to relocate the same year.

In November 2012 we then moved to our new operating site with an area of over 1000m2 in Prettachstrasse 6 in 8700 Leoben. This was a hugely important step for the future as the area still had additional production and office space where a further extension would be easily possible if necessary with a certain lead time. But we did not stand still from a marketing perspective either and we are therefore thrilled to present our completely new homepage in spring 2014. This year we are going to upload various new and additional brochures in paper form. Of course, these will then be ready to view via the download button.

But we do not plan to rest on our laurels in future either. We will continue our developments single-mindedly to the best of our knowledge and belief and of course will still attempt ‘to make the impossible possible’.

Andreas Kraker
(Company management)